Saturday, June 14, 2008

When Iowa Rivers Attack

Yesterday, I received an e-mail from The Editor of The Iowa Review with a call for volunteers to help move books out of the basement of the university's main library. I grabbed a pair of The Boyfriend's winter gloves, walked to campus, and plugged myself into a human conveyer belt that lifted, among other things, gorgeous oversized art books to higher ground. What was really funny about this distinctly unfunny operation was watching all of the bibliophiles trying not to read all of the titles as they passed by.

During a lull in the conveyance later in the afternoon, I decided that my talents might be better utilized outside of the library and I joined the sandbagging effort along the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City train tracks. I was dismayed to see that the water was so close to The English-Philosophy Building and further dismayed to learn that it was assumed that the building would start to flood within hours.

I worked until dinnertime and found out after I got home that Art Building West (above), one of my favorite places on The Arts Campus, was already closed and partially flooded.

Physically exhausted and upset, I watched Cedar Rapids disappear on television until The Boyfriend got home from the library where he was moving books, art and otherwise, up and out of the basement.

[Photos lifted from The University of Iowa News Services.]