Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Adoptee Rights Demonstration for Equal Access To Birth Certificates is Next Week in New Orleans

Here is the Press Release for the Demonstration (we leave on Sunday morning!):

Adopted persons, their families and friends will be gathering in New Orleans for the National Conference of State Legislators for a demonstration on equal rights for adopted persons in the United States.

DATE: July 22, 2008

TIME: 11:30AM

DEMONSTRATION LOCATION: Lafayette Square Park, New Orleans. The demonstration will begin at Lafayette Square Park marching 8 blocks to the National Conference of State Legislators being held at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Centre ( 900 Convention Center Blvd., New Orleans)

In the United States only six states (Alabama, Alaska, Kansas, Maine, New Hampshire and Oregon) allow adopted persons access to their original birth certificates. We believe that it is discriminatory to legally withhold personal information and documents from citizens that all other tax-paying voting citizens are entitled to.

Nowhere on any adoption contract or in any legislation is it written that an adopted person can not possess their original birth certificate or why the birth certificate is withheld from the adoptee. Opposition to adopted persons possessing their original birth certificates will present legally unsupprted claims that a relinquishing mother has the right to privacy and to be protected from her daughter or son relinquished to adoption, therefore allowing a mother a lifetime of privacy and anonymity. This is discrimination. Relinquishing mothers do not seal their children's original birth certificates - the original birth certificates are sealed by state governments.

The participants of the demonstration believe that every citizen of the United States should be treated equally. To do otherwise is discrimination. We would like all remaining states to introduce legislation that will allow adopted persons in the United States access to their original birth certificates.

We encourage your reporters to cover this story and event to help us bring public awareness to this demonstration in New Orleans.

Web Site for the Demonstration:

Media contacts for the Demonstration in New Orleans:

Kali Coultas
805 500-5317 (pst)
Cell: 805 607-2704

Michelle Edmunds
516 593-2753 (est)
Cell: 516 263-1556