Sunday, December 19, 2010


I just got back from a quick trip to Toronto with my friend, Shoe, and can't wait to go back. (Like, say, tomorrow.)

While in Canada's largest city (but not its capital), I walked for both miles and kilometers up and down Yonge Street going from bookstore to bookshop, and from coffee shop to café, including Bull Dog Coffee on Granby Street (near Ryerson University) and to the Tea Shop 168 location on Queen Street West.

At Bull Dog, I had one of the best, but most expensive, soy lattés of my life (which was, unfortunately, served in a Styrofoam cup). And then, in addition to the requiste bubble tea at Tea Shop 168, I had some "chocolate toast," which ended up being something like the love child of Angel food cake and actual toast that was then dusted with cocoa powder. (And, holy mother, was that combo phenomenal!)

For dinner one night, we tried (unsuccessfully) to go to Bo De Duyen (because they are in the process of moving) and instead went for Japanese at Yamato on Bellair Street and the Teppanyaki chefs were incredibly entertaining as they prepared everyone's meal on the massive grill in front of our very wide eyes.

On the way back to BuffalOH! we made a pit stop at the IKEA in Burlington for frukost and some Christmas shopping on the fly before we had to cross the border again.

[Bulldog was the first of "Toronto's Top 10 Independent Coffee Houses" (an article that was published in alt-weekly Eye Weekly) that I plan to hit, so I will be back sooner-than-later to savor the flavors of the second (TBD).]